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New Year Songs:

Greek New Year Song

    Ayios Vasilis erhete
    Ke den mas katadehete
    Apo, apo tin kesaria.
    Sis arhon sis arhondissa Kiria!

    Vastari penna ke harti
    Zaharokandio zimoni
    Harti, harti ke kalamari
    Des eme, des eme, to pallikari!

    To kalamari egrafe
    Ti mira toy tin elege
    Ke to, ke to harti omili.
    To hriso, to hriso mas kaiofili!

    Arhiminia kiarhihronia
    Psili mou dendrolivania,
    Ke arhi, ke arhi kalos mas hronos.
    Eklisia, eklisia, me tayio thronos!

    Arhi pou vgiken o Hristos
    Ayios ke Pnevmatikos,
    Sti gi, gi na perpatisi
    Ke na mas, ke na mas kalokardisi!

    In English Translation

    Saint Basil comes,
    And does not acknowledge us
    From Caesarea.
    You are, you are the mistress of the house!

    He holds a pen and paper
    And leavened sweets
    Paper, paper and ink.
    Look at me, look at me, the brave one!

    The ink wrote
    And told fortunes,
    And the, and the paper spoke.
    Our golden, our golden clove!

    It is the first day of the month and the year,
    My tall rosemary,
    And from, and from the beginning a good year for us.
    The church, the church with the holy throne!

    Christ came in the beginning,
    Holy and Spiritual;
    On earth, on earth he walked
    To give us, to give us good cheer!

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