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    Bengali New Year - Indian State

    In Bengali they celebrate New Year on the 13th or 14th April, which is the first day of the month that they call Baisakh.

    They clean and decorate their houses in preparation for the New Year. They use flour to paint patterns on the ground out the front of their houses, in the middle of the design they place an earthenware pot, decorated with a red and white swastika which is a religious symbol, and filled with holy water and vermilion. Also inside the pot they place a mango tree branch which must consist of five twigs and a number of leaves. The pot symbolizes good fortune for the family.

    On New Year's they offer special prayers to the goddess of wealth, because they hoped for greater wealth in the coming year. They wore a garland of flowers around their wrists and neck during the ceremonies. More commonly the flowers used are red oleanders, white daisies, pink roses, purple hibiscus and yellow marigolds. Each of these flowers is of religious significance such as pink, red and purple are for the Hindu goddesses, white and yellow are for the gods.

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