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New Year Traditions

    Ancient Egyptian New Year

    The main New Year event seems to have been the Feast of Opet, which took place in the first month of the year. This was the best time to hold the festival as the Nile was flooded and people were unable to work as a result of this, so they were free to take part in the celebrations.

    The Feast was held in honor of Amon and marked the god's annual journey down the Nile from Karnak to Luxor, where he stayed for twenty-four days before returning to the main temple.

    There is a procession where the Pharaoh, the ruler of Egypt then the god Amon, his wife and his son are carried to the quayside by attendants in panther-skins and led by a temple priest, a trumpeter and a drummer.

    Each god is placed in a makeshift temple. These are then dragged out into the mainstream of the river, here they are joined by small boats which accompany them to Luxor.

    When they arrive at Luxor they are presented with offerings of food and drink. This feasting goes on throughout the whole of the festival. They are then returned to the temple of Karnak and the year's normal activities can begin.

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